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February 25, 2023

An Unforgettable Day on the Farm: Our Adventure at Greenacres Farm, Oviedo, FL

feeding goats at greenacre farms in oviedo, fl

Let me tell you about a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Oviedo, Florida - Greenacres Farm 🐷🦃🐮🐐🐇

Our adventure began bright and early, as we set off to explore this delightful corner of the world, and what a memorable experience it was!


Arriving at Greenacres Farm, you're welcomed by a chorus of subtle farm sounds; the soft clucking of chickens, the occasional lowing of a cow, and the friendly 'baas' of goats. It's like a peaceful and charming soundtrack, setting the tone for an unforgettable day.


First on our list was an encounter with the farm's cute and fluffy residents - the rabbits. Shy at first, a couple of them slowly ventured out of their cozy hutch to nibble on the fresh carrots we had brought. Observing these adorable creatures up close as they enjoyed their crunchy snacks was indeed a sight to cherish.



Next up, we had the chance to interact with some feathery celebrities. Holding and feeding the chickens was an experience right out of a childhood storybook. It's like the hens were saying, "Hold on there, paparazzi!" with their enthusiastic clucking. Their charming antics surely left us all grinning from ear to ear.


feeding chickens at greenacres farm in oviedo, fl


Now, if you've ever wanted to feel like a bonafide farmer, the goat-feeding at Greenacres Farm is a must. There's just something fascinatingly comical about watching a goat munch on its food. It's as if they have a unique perspective on life - 'take one chew at a time'.


feeding goats at greenacres farm in oviedo, fl


Not to be outdone, the farm's resident cow also made her presence known. Feeding her was an experience straight out of a pastoral painting. There's something simply relaxing about watching a cow graze; they seem so content in their own world, taking their own sweet time with each mouthful.


feeding cow at greenacres farm oviedo, fl


Although the turkeys weren't strutting around, they still commanded our attention. Huddled in their cozy coop, they added a touch of wildlife excitement to our tour. Who knew watching turkeys could be such an intriguing pastime?


The rustic charm of Greenacres Farm is a true representation of the Oviedo spirit - warm, welcoming, and laid-back. It's places like these that showcase the balance of urban life and rural heart in our bustling city.


So, the next time you're in Oviedo, remember that an unforgettable experience awaits you at Greenacres Farm. Trust me; this 'egg-citing' adventure is one for the books. From watching rabbits nibble on their favorite snacks to feeding and holding chickens, and getting up close with goats and a cow, you're in for a day filled with fun, laughter, and plenty of photo opportunities.


Our day at Greenacres Farm may have ended, but the memories are as fresh as a farm morning. And let's just say, it left us 'moo-ving' and 'clucking' with joy all the way home! Stay charming, Oviedo!

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